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Semiconductor Process Options

LinearChip has partnered with a number world class semiconductor foundries.  These partnerships enable us to offer a wide range of processes at very affordable price points.  A brief summary of these processes is listed below:

*      CMOS

-      40 nm to 1.0 m

-      Power supply range : 1.2 V to 100V

-      Precision resistors

-      Precision capacitors

-      Spiral inductors

-      Bipolar transistors

-      Coexistence of both low voltage and high voltage devices


*      RF/Wideband


-         SiGe BiCMOS

-         GaAs

-         InP

*      DMOS

-     Trench isolated on SOI substrates

-     Up to 650 V DMOS devices

-     Low and high voltage CMOS transistors

-     Bipolar transistors

*      Bipolar/BiCMOS

-       High frequency complementary bipolar transistors - up to 30 GHz fT

-       Polysilicon resistors

-       MIM capacitors

-       Schottky diodes

-       Integrated inductors

-       20 V BiCMOS module