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ASIC Building Blocks

LinearChip has developed a number of reusable core building blocks.  These subcircuits enable the rapid development of ASICs for a wide variety of applications.  These building blocks include:


*      Power Supply

-        LDO (low drop out regulator); boost and buck converters; DC/DC converters; charge pumps


*      Signal Conditioning

-        Amplifiers (low noise; high frequency/fast slew rate; low offset including chopper stabilization); filtering (continuous time and switched); comparators; buffers; dynamic range compression amplifiers


*      Data Conversion

-        Wide range of architectures, resolutions and frequencies for A2D and D2A converters


*      Interfaces

-        MEMS; Ethernet; NTDS; 1553; memory driver; USB; magnetic card reader; ATE pin driver


*      Displays

-        LCD; OLED drivers and controllers


*      Timing

-        Oscillators, frequency synthesizers, clock drivers


*      Precision Current and Voltage Sources; Bandgap Voltage Regulator


*      Random and Sequential Logic


*      Microprocessors

-  8, 16 and 32 bit


*      Memory

-        RAM; ROM; EEPROM; OTP