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Obsolete IC Replacement Program

What should you do if your product line is humming along and your procurement agent determines that a key integrated circuit is either very hard to procure, or even worse, is becoming obsolete?  Your answer is the LinearChip ROP (Replace Obsolete Part) program.  We want to make it as painless as possible for you.


*     Easy to Start

-        Just provide a datasheet and a few samples.


*     Same Form, Fit, and Function 

-        We will deliver a part that meets your exact requirements - a form, fit, and functional replacement.


*     Value Engineering and Product Improvement

-        You have always wanted to improve the performance or reduce the cost of your key component.  This is your chance.  Most desired changes can be easily accommodated.


*     What Are The Best Candidates For This Program

-        Small scale and medium size analog, digital, and mixed-signal integrated circuits.  Analog blocks such as amplifiers, buffers, data converters, transceivers and interfaces, power supply and control, logic functions, timing and control, frequency synthesizers, and FPGAs.


*     Small Order Quantity and Long Life Support

-        We will structure a program to support low volume requirements and your expected product life so that you have to deal with this problem only once.


*     Full Package Options

-        Choose your package from our wide selection - either plastic or ceramic.  We could also provide tested dies or wafers.


*     Military Qualification

-      You need a military qualified part?  No problem.  We will supply fully compliant parts to the tightest of military qualification standards.