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Due to our extensive design expertise and wide range of process options, we support a multitude of applications.  A sampling is shown here.



*      MEMS

        Driver; timing and control


*      Signal Processing and Control

       Sensor signal amplification (low noise; wide dynamic range; chopper stabilized amplifiers); filtering (continuous and switched capacitor); data conversion; automatic gain control (AGC); compandor; microprocessor; DSP; timing and control


*      Power Management

        Power supply; power controller; power factor control; wide voltage range (1.2 V 600 V)


*      Wideband and RF

       Video processing and amplification; receiver (LNA, mixer, IF, demodulation); wideband TIA and OTA amplifiers, laser driver, infrared receiver, frequency synthesizer


*      Displays

        LCD and OLED driver and controller


*      Medical

        Hearing aid; ultrasound; measurement


*      Military

        Bus Interface (1553; NTDS); radar; infrared; signal processing


*      ATE/Instrumentation

        Pin driver; vernier caliper; precision measurement


*      Industrial

        Control, measurement, and sensor systems 


*      Telecommunication

        Transceiver; line protection