Linear Chip is an application specific integrated ASIC company, specializing in full custom analog and mixed signal solutions, integrated systems, OLED display drivers, and network tone signaling applications.

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LinearChip is a fabless semiconductor company that provides high performance RF and mixed-signal ASICs for a wide range of applications.  LinearChip's world-class engineering has allowed it to become a supplier of high quality, high volume ASIC solutions.  LinearChip is one source for both development and production. Specializing in obsolete ASIC replacement.  LinearChip provides in-house wafer and package testing, coupled with superb in-house quality assurance.  LinearChip is also partnered with leading foundry and packaging houses.  The company's location in Aliso Viejo, CA allows for easy access to Orange County Airport (SNA).

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Intellectual Property






bullet  Power Management


bullet  CMOS and BiCMOS


bullet  Voltage References

bullet  Medical


- 40 nm to 1.0 m


bullet  Operational, AGC and Wideband Amplifiers

*  RF/Wideband


- Supplies of 1.2V to 100V


*  LNAs, Mixers and Filters

*  MEM - Drivers


- Precision resistors and capacitors


*  Buffers and Comparators

*  Timing & Control Bus


- On-chip inductors


*  LDOs

*  Tranceivers


- Complementary bipolar transistors


*  Buck/Boost and DC/DC Converters

*  Signal Processing & Control




*  Charge Pumps

*  Industrial Control




*  PLLs

*  Measurement & Sensing




*  Very stable VCOs and Crystal Oscillators

*  ATE/Instrumentation




*  A2Ds/D2As - high ENOB, accuracy,

*  Displays


- Up to 650V


and speed

*  Telecommunication


- Trench isolated SOI substrates


*  Logic, Microprocessors, Memory

*  Military


- Co-exists with CMOS and Bipolar


*  Wide variety of interfaces



*  SiGe


*  Ultra low power (<<1A)




*  High voltage (to 650V) cells